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I offer a 04 month long course on Saturday & Sunday class time for free spoken & written English with basic computers. It is oriented at general capacity building and obtaining office jobs
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Parents have to understand it is someone's children who harass & troll others and teaching them digital ethics is just as important in today's world as going to school, your inattention can lead your kids to hurt others and themselves


Unlike some organizations might have you believe, the digital world is gender neutral and irrespective to occupation. There is no specific program for journalists or teachers while none will make you an expert suddenly

About us

Babar Kureshi

I am married 39 year old man and an ICT professional based in Islamabad, some people refer to me as a software engineer, web & software developer, etc but I categorize myself as an ICT professional because my expertise is not only in IT but networks as well

The reason I started this helpline/ foundation was due to pure coincidence and the fact that these fields were related to my profession

Our Structure

Financial Support

If you think we are doing a good job and are really assisting people, please free to donate whatever you like as presently we are self funded, without any grants and I am covering all expenses out of my own pocket


I am constantly looking for individuals who wish to offer their professional expertise pro-bono or free to the needy - This is great for retired people and for final year students to gain experience - We need mental health professionals like psychiatrists / psychologists and legal counselors like advocates or lawyers for victims

Final Year Students

Great opportunity to start helping & getting practial experience

Retired Professionals

A wonderful opportunity to keep busy, pass on experience and help ones in need

Working Professionals

Increase your self worth by helping the needful, give back to your community

Financials & Knowledge Sharing

In my research I found that NGO's or Foundations, a public service or non-profits are not openly declaring their income (grants, donations, award prizes) and neither their expenses at least in Pakistan

In order to keep my foundation transparent, I decided to declare all financials openly for anyone to scrutinize as this will serve two purposes, one would be to remain transparent to everyone so they can see where the funds are going in reality and what are the real expenses. Secondly, this will also give me the ability to catch any irregularities that I personally miss

Presently, I have not found any Non-Profits, NGO's, Foundations, etc declaring their financials in Pakistan for public scrutiny and are not even willing to share their technical/ procedural information or knowledge set to help or co-operate with others in creating more such organizations. Unfortunately, in my communications, most guarded their working domains like you would your bank account and most are only friendly towards donors or the incoming $$$, journalists or reporters who can give them media exposure or people who award prizes or are able to influence such indirectly - It has stopped being about helping

Our seminars are Free and are of two types, one for Studetns & Professionals and second for Parents, both can also be given together and take around 60 minutes in total while all that is required is your cooperation. By providing your offices, schools, parents or your social circle/s with awareness, it will also improve the outlook of your organization or establishment while spreading awareness, information and knowledge

Who knows that your initiative of calling us to provide a free seminar at your establishment will save someone from anguish and problems latter?

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